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Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 2.38.43 PMHey everyone, we’ve changed our address! Follow us at www.xandervintage.com!

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Can We Mauve into Spring Yet?


Tsumi was born from love to fashion and the need to remain special. Every piece has a drop of ethnic soul and a memory of exotic travels around the world.”

-Tsumi Jewelry

I took a glance at the Tsumi Jewelry collection, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Every piece is extraordinarily unique and flawless. Picking one was much too hard of a task (1st world problems, right?). I should probably kick myself for saying that, but really, click here and let the jewelry do the talking!

IMG_7828edit IMG_7857edit IMG_7850edit IMG_7840edit IMG_7863 IMG_7869edit IMG_7817edit

Necklace: Tsumi Jewelry
Sweater: Xander Vintage
Dress: Joe Fresh
Boots: Xander Vintage


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Velveteen and the Cat


I’m a story teller, did you know that? Here’s one called ‘Velveteen and the Cat’– there was a love affair between a nice pair of velveteen trousers and a leopard blazer; they eventually marry.

I left out the fact that I’m a shitty story teller. Always have been, hopefully always won’t be. I either drag the storyline out and forget what I’m going to say next or speed up and miss key events. Something I do know a thing or two about is fashion, and velvet and leopard print are on my radar.

Leopard outwear is everywhere these days! I spotted it–no pun intended–and purchased that bad boy to live in my closet indefinitely. I paired it with velveteen trousers (which, might I add, are the most comfortable bottoms I currently own). I was changing into my comfy ‘couch-potato attire’ and laid eyes on the velveteen… I was tempted to to use them as a ‘PJ’ substitute; that’s how comfy they are.

IMG_7672edit IMG_7742edit IMG_7692bw IMG_7736edit IMG_7710edit IMG_7731edit IMG_7753editThe iPhone 5 case was custom made by Anyshapes. They are an awesome company with exclusive technology in mobile phone cases; you can design and create your own 3D cases online! Find out more info on Anyshapes and customize your own!

Blazer: Forever 21
Trousers: H&M
Crop Top: Brandy Melville
Boots: Nasty Gal
Iphone Case: Anyshapes


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Black & Blue (and no, not the BSB Album)

aos lookbook

Although the Backstreet Boy’s album–Black & Blue–was the shit (don’t deny it), I ain’t talking about that. I’m talking about a specific pair of colour-blocked denim that I’m definitely excited about! These Mya Black/Blue jeans are from Articles of Society (AOS). I haven’t seen a pair like these before, and they fit fantastically (and they’re affordable–$59.99 for this pair). YAY for awesome denim! Check out their website, and take a look at the denim, which are currently sold at Nordstrom.

AAAANNNDDD, like I’ve said before, IWEARTHEHEADRESS is amazing! They are having a 50% of everything sale to get rid of past stock. Check out the discounted goods here, and here, and here, and here, here, here!

IMG_7562AOS IMG_7600AOS IMG_7614 IMG_7547AOS IMG_7639AOS IMG_7611 IMG_7586AOS IMG_7650AOSMya Black/Blue Denim: Articles of Society
Paisley Blouse: Xander Vintage
Faux-Fur Jacket: H&M
Bag: Coach


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Back in Private School


I went to a private high school with uniforms sharing a similar colour pattern; I’m having major flashbacks to the morning frost biting my legs and tush from that freaking kilt. On the other hand, it saved me time every morning from not having to pick an outfit–not that it helped me be on time for any classes!

For this look I’m sporting a Plaid High-Low Suit from OASAP, which features a plaid blouse and a-line skirt. I’m layering with a plaid scarf (which seems to be right on trend since the season is going through a plaid overload), then added some gold accessories and knee-highs!

Oh, and OASAP has Free Worldwide Shipping and 20% OFF First Order. Check it out!

IMG_7476edit IMG_7530 IMG_7496edit IMG_7533 IMG_7499edit IMG_7481edit edit

Plaid High-Low Suit: OASAP
Scarf: H&M
Bag: Forever 21
Necklace: Xander Vintage
Flats: Xander Vintage


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Eye Spy Sequins and Gold

IMG_7363edittextOne of the reasons why I love vintage clothing so much is because you’re more likely to find distinctive and notable pieces for extremely affordable prices in a single shopping trip. In this outfit’s case, I was able to find this amazingly unique blouse online at JollyChic for cheeaaaaaaap! I still love my vintage, but JollyChic has a ton of products that fit all the elements of vintage finds–minus the ‘pre-loved’ part.

I’ve paired this amazing ‘eye’ blouse with a sequinned skirt, eagle necklace, gold booties, and black cross-bag. Oh…and once again, I got my metallic socks on ;) I took some photo’s of the outfit, and went out for some drinks; I left the bar with zero spills/stains on the blouse–successful night!
Eye LookbookCHICTOPIA IMG_7379edit IMG_7339edit IMG_7372 IMG_7370edit IMG_7380 IMG_7363edit

Eye Blouse: JollyChic
Skirt: Forever 21
Boots: Nasty Gal
Socks: H&M


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Screw Diamonds, Patterns are a Girl’s BF


Not saying I dislike diamonds, but–GOD–do I love pattern. I got this houndstooth skirt & shirt combo from Banggood. The price of the two-piece should be illegal; it was $22.36 US, which is ridiculous. I want to buy 10 and store it away until I wear each piece down! I paired the combo with sneakers, backpack, and plaid scarf–creating a sporty/chic look.
IMG_7296edit IMG_7314edit IMG_7288edit IMG_7310edit IMG_7280edit

Houndstooth Shirt & Skirt- Banggood
Scarf: Cashmink
Sneakers: Adidas
Backpack: Camel
Cap: Forever 21


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New Year with Bewolf

IMG_7233edittextIt’s day 2 of 2014, and we are withdrawing the glitz one step at a time. The razzle dazzle is limited to metallic socks and this amahhhzing ‘Inner Gypsy Warrior Shield Harness’ from Bewolf Clothing. Founder and designer, Katia Nikolajew has an awe-inspring talent when it comes to the intricate detail and design of her ‘gypsy’ collection. From hats to boots and belts to bibs, Katia creates one-of-a-kind pieces that every ‘gypsy at heart’ should own.

When deciding on how to style my harness, simplicity was an immediate ingrediant to the look. The piece is complex and captivating–a confident statement on it’s own. I’ve paired it with a crawford dress and pleated skirt, complete with a felt hat and color-blocked pumps. Oh, and don’t forget the metallic blue socks–which I am completely obsessing over this winter!

IMG_7247edit IMG_7257edit IMG_7174edit IMG_7268edit IMG_7237edit

Inner Gypsy Warrior Shield Harness: Bewolf Clothing
Crawford Dress: Nasty Gal
Pumps: Aldo Shoes
Hat: H&M
Socks: H&M


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Throw some glittah on it; it’s New Year’s Eve!


Congrats, you’re alive to see 2014! For myself, this year has been a whirlwind; it’s been a year full of lessons, adventures, and surprises. I wouldn’t change a thing, however, I definitely wouldn’t want to relive it again. That being said, I’m excited for a fresh new year to begin, bringing with it a sense of revival, ambition, and enthusiasm!

Siiiiilver, siiiiilver, gliiiittttter, glittttteerrr, sppparkles, bliing, and shiiine–my New Year’s look in a nutshell! Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! May your 2014 commence with good company, fine grub, and a little glitter ;)

IMG_7139editsmall IMG_7001eitsmall IMG_7095editsmall IMG_7107editsmallIMG_7091editsmall

Dress: Xander Vintage
Socks: H&M
Heels: Justfab
Hat & Sunnies: Some dollar store bling


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IMG_4366editddThe cold is getting colder and the coats are getting thicker, but that isn’t going to stop me from rockin’ a dress and tights all winter long. However, with dress and tights comes another winter staple–head decor.

Currently, my favourite designer for head accessories is Sarai Gibson. She’s a fellow mama and owner/creator of IWEARTHEHEADRESS, where she designs and produces amazing headbands, head wraps, turbans, toques, flower crowns and more. Describing her products wouldn’t do them justice, so take a peek at her store here and admire the unique prints, textures, and styles of every one of her pieces.

If you’re in complete love with the ‘Masai Mara” head wrap that I’m wearing, you can find the item here. Yes, this beautiful accessory is a winter must-have, BUT–in addition–you’ll gain a million karma points by purchasing the item. Why? Well, that’s because 100% of the sale proceeds go to Good Hope Orphanage in Ngusero, Tanzania. Nothing says Christmas like the act of giving… and red head-wraps; that’s pretty Christmasy too.

IMG_4374edit IMG_4361edit IMG_4563edit IMG_4338edit IMG_4394edit IMG_4569edit IMG_4396edit IMG_4410edit IMG_4628edit IMG_4603edit‘Masai Mara’ Head Wrap: IWEARTHEHEADRESS
Wool Peacoat: Xander Vintage
Babydoll Dress: Forever 21
Textured Combat Boots: Doc Martens


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