New Year with Bewolf

IMG_7233edittextIt’s day 2 of 2014, and we are withdrawing the glitz one step at a time. The razzle dazzle is limited to metallic socks and this amahhhzing ‘Inner Gypsy Warrior Shield Harness’ from Bewolf Clothing. Founder and designer, Katia Nikolajew has an awe-inspring talent when it comes to the intricate detail and design of her ‘gypsy’ collection. From hats to boots and belts to bibs, Katia creates one-of-a-kind pieces that every ‘gypsy at heart’ should own.

When deciding on how to style my harness, simplicity was an immediate ingrediant to the look. The piece is complex and captivating–a confident statement on it’s own. I’ve paired it with a crawford dress and pleated skirt, complete with a felt hat and color-blocked pumps. Oh, and don’t forget the metallic blue socks–which I am completely obsessing over this winter!

IMG_7247edit IMG_7257edit IMG_7174edit IMG_7268edit IMG_7237edit

Inner Gypsy Warrior Shield Harness: Bewolf Clothing
Crawford Dress: Nasty Gal
Pumps: Aldo Shoes
Hat: H&M
Socks: H&M


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10 Responses to New Year with Bewolf

  1. milex says:

    I adore your sense of style.

  2. I saw a close up of this harness on Facebook and I just HAD to visit your blog.
    And I wasn’t disappointed. This is truly fantastic.Love everything about the entire look.
    Happy 2014 to you!!

  3. Mallory says:

    The harness is amazing, but I love the whole outfit. The way you paired it all together is great!

  4. This look is fresh and original i love the styling and the shoes!

  5. Nici says:

    It’s just amazing! I love your style!

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